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Lecture Topics

Speaking Schedule

Lecture & Workshop Service Includes

• Lectures are 1 hour long unless otherwise designated

• I will develop new lectures and / or workshops if requested and provided enough time

• I will provide a projector and computer

• Sponsor will provide screen and table

Genealogy Webinar Course

• Designed to help beginning genealogist learn how to effectively use the most popular genealogy websites

• There are 10 classes in the course which can be purchased individually or as part of a bundled package

• To register go to the following website:


Put DANA in the discount box at check out


In-Person Lectures: Hourly fee:

• $50 per one hour lecture if travel within 30 minutes of my home​

• $75 per one hour lecture if travel within 45 minutes of my home

• For lectures further than 1 hour driving time from my home, additional reimbursement for mileage is requested


Workshops/ Seminars: 

•Fees for workshops and seminars will be determined by length of event, distance from my home​ and if overnight accommodations are required


•Fees for webinars will be determined by length of lecture.

• Click on the Speaking Schedule drop down menu under the Lectures tab to see the list of lectures for the current year

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