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Heiner Family Research

Heiner Family Research Updates

Working with the Martin Heiner Family Organization, Scott Heiner, Kathleen Lindsay,
Ronny Suske, Andreas Bellersen, Ute Gerlach, Eberhard Wolf, and Isabella Wachmer 
and I have researching the Heiner and Dietzel family.


Our goal is to obtain copies of the parish registers in Walldorf and Wasungen, index them
and further the research on our family in Germany.  Plans include to load copies of the
Heiner and Dietzel family vital record entries in the German parish records to FamilySearch.
If you would like to assist with research or translation efforts, indexing of these records
or donate towards the family organization, please contact me. 

Heiner Home in Walldorf, Germany

Photo Taken Summer 2016

Dietzel Home in Wasungen, Germany

Photo Taken Summer 2016

Walldorf Church Record Books

Photo Taken Summer 2016

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